An EcoPark is a fully inclusive, integrated biospheric program for any given site that ensures sustainability on all levels. The EcoPark model meets and surpasses all social, economic, environmental, architectural and agro-ecological international standards. It is self sufficient in terms of energy, water and food security and is economically sustainable.

What is an EcoPark?

EcoParks are self-sustaining systems that generate their own energy, harvest and clean their own water and produce their own food. The EcoPark model includes the construction of sustainable housing and community buildings, such as classrooms and clinics. A great deal of care is taken to ensure that these structures are designed with the highest thermal efficiencies and natural lighting principles possible. Material selection is scrutinised in terms of toxicity and environmentally responsible resourcing. All EcoParks have strict zero-waste policies in place. EcoParks are models, not only for community-based social responsibility programs, but also for how food-security and community health are best addressed in one fully-integrated system.

Global Green designs and delivers EcoParks

scalable models of sustainable development that address: