Consultancy Services

We are a team of integral design thinkers who reflect the patterns of life in our design and execution to deliver scalable models of sustainable development. We provide consultation to businesses, governments and municipalities, developers, urban planners, architects, engineers and landscapers.

We provide both in-house and online consultation, depending on the requirements of the design.

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Global Green supports businesses who have embarked on the sustainability journey by providing consultation that leads to true sustainability. We look at the entire business context and stakeholder requirements ...

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Government / Municipalities

We advise governments and municipalities on how to deliver sustainable solutions and help keep their consultants aligned to their sustainability goals on projects. These can include National/ Regional Development Strategies, ...

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We can work for the client directly on residential, commercial, mixed use, marina, resorts, islands, and golf developments. We help define the project vision and integral project parameters, review the work of other consultants ...

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Urban Planners

We work with urban and master planners to achieve integration between disciplines so that sustainable results can be realised. We can either provide guidance to the project team, or take on design elements, as needed. We can ...

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Services we provide

  • Environmental Audits
  • Policy review and development
  • Stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Sustainability Strategies
  • Detailed design of integrated sustainability systems, for example:
    • Water and stormwater management
    • Landscaping
    • Food production
    • Energy generation
    • Sustainable Supply Chain Management
    • Waste management including drafting Zero Waste Policies
    • Community engagement
    • Social responsibility programmes
    • Construction and hand-holding consulting
    • Turnkey delivery of selected sustainability systems
    • Sustainability training and education
    • Public speaking on sustainability
    • Organisation and planning of Green events and summits