Global Green School Sustainability Programs

Our school programs are designed to educate and create a deep shift in personal values with regards to one’s relationship with the environment. School staff, the children and their families are shown how they can practically help curb climate change and regenerate our ailing planet.

Why Global Green Schools?

Schools ought to be microcosms of the ideals that we would like to see in the world. In a world where the encouragement of pro-social and pro-environmental behaviors are some of our biggest concerns, our schools should provide environments where values and habits that we want to see mirrored in our communities and the world at large can be developed. It has become clear that the earlier a child is exposed to certain habits and ways of being, the more likely it is that these behaviors will continue into adulthood.

Global Green is setting up partnership programs with schools where management and teachers are empowered and given the tools that they need to create learning experiences and environments that will foster a deep connection to nature, self-transcendent values, and sustainable behaviors. All programs are based on the Earth Charter Principles which provide a framework for the most economically, socially, and environmentally just, peaceful, and sustainable action.

Global Green takes a multifaceted approach to help schools become models of sustainable systems:

This involves:

    1. Workshops with educators

    2. Development of education programs based on the curriculum

    3. Policy development

    4. Physical assessment and development of school systems including:

  • Energy reducing strategies
  • Water reducing strategies
  • Healthy buildings
  • Zero waste policies
  • Recycling programs
  • Carbon sequestration programs
  • Biodiversity programs