Net Zero

We at Global Green are committed to creating a sustainable future through carbon neutrality for our environment and fellow humans. As we celebrate almost 30 years of non-profit leadership in advancing solutions for climate change to help the people, places, and planet in need, we are encouraging corporations to band together to create meaningful change. A focus area for many companies in this transition is the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Our partnership with Carbon Credit Capital, a global leader in greenhouse accounting and carbon neutrality claims-making, allows us to address climate change in an immediate and impactful way.

Carbon Assessment

One of the first steps on your journey towards sustainability is to evaluate your baseline carbon emissions. Through our new partnership with Carbon Credit Capital (CCC), a global leader in greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting and carbon neutrality, Global Green is excited to offer carbon assessments as one of our consulting services. With only one-fifth of our planet’s “carbon budget” remaining, becoming carbon neutral or carbon negative over the next decade will be critical in avoiding a climate catastrophe.

Our Partnership

Our partnership with CCC complements Global Green’s existing services to offer you a fully integrated approach to sustainability. As a global leader in greenhouse accounting and carbon neutrality claims-making, CCC has brought over 100,000 products, services, events, facilities, or processes to market as carbon neutral since 2015. CCC’s best-in-class metrics enable companies to develop climate strategies that are based in science, and which can reduce carbon emissions over ambitious timelines. This partnership creates a structural framework that benefits your organization and the environment beyond what philanthropic giving can do alone.

Our Services

With the expertise provided by CCC, we are prepared to help lead partners through the following roadmap to net-zero emissions:

  • Conduct emissions measurements in line with the most widely-recognized best practices.
  • Create emissions baselines and reduction targets that can be approved by science-based targets, as well as operational and financial strategies to reduce emissions against those targets.
  • Finance emissions reductions where absolute reductions in operations are not possible by purchasing high quality carbon offsets, and implementing carbon neutrality programs for products and services.
We offer world-class solutions for businesses to cost-effectively reduce both emissions from operations, and products or services to improve resiliency, meet evolving market demands, and achieve carbon-neutrality.