Global Green Community & Climate Action Center (CCAC)


New Orleans will be the first American city lost to sea level rise unless dramatic measures are taken. It is ground zero for Climate Change. Global Green's Community & Climate Action Center serves as a model for climate resilience within both New Orleans, and other cities around the globe. 

The CCAC is a hub for educational opportunities with a focus on climate change, environmental equity and coastal resilience. It is located in the Holy Cross neighborhood of New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward. Global Green works with numerous partners to bring programming to the CCAC.

The space is available to groups for workshops and educational events. Groups can be local, regional, national or international. The CCAC is an ideal venue for sharing mitigation and adaptation strategies for climate impacts with coastal communities along the Gulf - and worldwide - as well as with other geographies threatened by global warming.

The CCAC houses a green building resource information station and is developing capacity to offer additional community resources.

The Community & Climate Action Center is an ideal venue for your organization's next convening. 


Disaster Response Center & Resilience Hub

The Center, in the event of a natural or man-made disaster, doubles as a first response and rapid return location. The building’s structure allows high wind and water resistance, as well as solar power with battery back-up to provide essential electrical services such as lighting, refrigeration for medication, cell phone charging and communications. 

Global Green's Climate Action Center, located in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, will be the first of its kind to bring climate change education and models of resiliency to the community level. The Center will serve the Greater New Orleans region and will be a place to build awareness, share resources and catalyze innovation.
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