EIN & Global Green Pre-Oscar Gala

For almost two decades, the Hollywood community has championed the Green Pre- Oscar Gala to support the environmental movement. A highlight of the evening features dozens of Hollywood’s eco-minded celebrities who walk the green carpet to speak with reporters from entertainment, news and environmental publications from around the

On March 26th Global Green partnered with Energy Independence Now and DriveH2, to host their first in-person Pre-Oscars Gala since the pandemic. Held at the amazing Petersen Automotive Museum in Beverly Hills, the night included performances by the Grammy Award Winning Erick Rasno and Jake Wesley Rogers, as well as a variety of guests including; Sharon Lawrence, Greg Louganis, Keana Marie, Victoria Konefal, Chloe Trujillo and many others. Celebrating sustainability and the green movement, part of the proceeds were also donated to aid the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine via our partners at Green Cross Ukraine. We would like to thank everyone who did their part to make this event successful including our sponsors and the incredible team of supporters who made it all possible!

EIN is a non-partisan, environmental non-profit organization on a mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and harmful particulate matter from the transportation sector. We believe the best path to getting to a zero-emission future is paved by clean Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles. EIN works closely with the environmental community, legislators, automakers, influential public figures and local stakeholders to fight climate change and to catalyze the clean energy economy. The goal of our DriveH2 public service initiative is to raise awareness and stimulate the adoption of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles to reduce air pollution and combat climate change.