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June 22nd, 2011 by Matt Petersen Leave a reply »

With NeoCon staff members.

Last week in Chicago, I delivered the opening keynote at NeoCon, North America’s largest design conference and expo — it always gathers architects, designers, and others who care about the environment and green building. The audience of about 450 was enthusiastic — and alert, which is worth mentioning given it was at 8 AM. My talk focused on calling on all assembled to be citizen entrepreneurs — people who love their family, humanity, and their homes and take responsibility for their corner of the world. For me, the link between family, humanity, and the environment is crystal clear; without a healthy environment, we simply cannot thrive on this planet. As a proud dad, I want to ensure that my 8-year-old son has access to the most basic things in life: clean water, fresh air, and a safe, non-toxic home. As President & CEO of Global Green, I work to ensure that all of us can have these basics. Our GGUSA projects and initiatives aim to combat climate change and build a more sustainable future for all global citizens, but it is equally important to know that local action can have a global impact. And that’s where the citizen entrepreneur comes in — we all have a responsibility for our individual footprints and can make a difference by greening and bettering a corner of our world.

Update: Great coverage of the keynote from Jessie Bove at Contract Magazine and Jackie Corlett from Motif.


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  1. Sheda says:

    What an inspiring blog, Matt! Thank you for sharing your personal reflections on what is surely one of the key answers to building a healthier planet!

    I feel unbelievably energized after reading your words. I’d like to share some news about the work we’re doing to help shed light on the existing citizen entrepreneur movement growing across our nation:

    Working for Green, our web-based company based in Santa Monica, showcases everyday people who are in fact the very citizen entrepreneurs you’re highlighting in your blog!

    We produce and share short videos about these everyday people to inspire and motivate others to take similar actions by providing tips and resources relative to these ecopreneurs’ accomplishments!

    Examples? A Pasadena father/man/visionary who made biodiesel from restaurant grease and turned the glycerin bi-product into soaps, candles and hand lotions for a truly sustainable business!

    Or, an Iraqi vet who returned from battle as a paraplegic but turned his experience into a positive one by building a sustainable Chico home so his family can reduce their dependence on oil.

    And, a couple of San Luis Obispo edible landscapers who are creating food gardens in private homes– bridging volunteers with a fresh food source in this unique partnership!

    I hope these or some of our other 40+ videos give you some hope about the planet you’re leaving your kids!

    Thanks for all your continued work with Global Green Matt!

    - Sheda Morshed
    Sustainability Coordinator at Working for Green

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