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#FiveFacesGG: Ron Bergamini

December 24th, 2013

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Ron Bergamini, Action Environmental Group
Founding Member of Global Green USA’s Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR)

At the 14th Annual Sustainable Design Awards, corporate maverick Ron Bergamini accepted the Pioneer Award on behalf of Action Environmental Group for their leadership in opening a state-of-the-art material recovery center in the Bronx and increasing the recycling of valuable materials throughout New York City.

“Since joining Global Green’s Coalition for Resource Recovery, we have been inspired to think globally. We will continue to exemplify real corporate citizenship, to engage the community and our leaders, to offer growth opportunities for our people, and to promote recycling and the broader sustainability movement.” - Ron Bergamini

Help us connect with more business leaders like Ron to turn waste into assets, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create green jobs, and influence effective waste diversion globally.

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That’s a Fact: Green Homes = Green Jobs

May 3rd, 2012

Our NOLA Wise home weatherization program in New Orleans has logged 15,000 job hours since launch last Fall.

Weekly Rewind: March 19-25

March 26th, 2012

Hunger Games poster (Lionsgate Entertainment)

Green news stories we’re still talking about from last week.

Greening Wall Street & Beyond: At the Wall Street Green Trading Summit, Annie White discussed our recycling and waste reduction efforts with our Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR) team. (Post)

Water Work: Finn Longinotto from our DC office attended the 6th World Water Forum and reported back on Mikhail Gorbachev’s remarks, talk of climate adaptation, Smart Water for Green Schools, and more. (Post)

More Water Work: We joined our Green Cross International colleagues in commemorating World Water Day. (Post)

Home Improvements: We held a workshop in New Orleans on upgrading your home wisely with weatherization from our NOLA Wise program. (Post)

Contest Video: Some amazing friends and supporters of Global Green (Emmy Rossum, Dylan McDermott, Michelle Branch, Sophia Bush, Walton Goggins, Peter Mensah, and Maggie Grace) helped us make a video for our Citizen Entrepreneur contest to find local green heroes. (Video and contest entry form)

Green Ribbon: We were excited to hear that the Environmental Charter School in Lawndale, a school we partnered with on greening their school, was nominated for the new federal Green Ribbon Schools Program. (Post)

Green Economy: The Labor Department announced that 3.1 million Americans hold “green” jobs. (AP story)

Weather Reports: Unseasonable weather made headlines across the country and is urging people to connect the dots between extreme climate and the weather. (Climate Dots)

Fracking with Water & Air: A new study suggests that fracking may increase air pollution health risks. (LA Times story). Meanwhile, water samples were shown to contain dangerous quantities of methane gas in Dimock, PA. (ProPublica report)

Loving It: We were excited to hear that McDonald’s is testing double-walled paper coffee cups as a possible replacement for styrofoam, and working with a member of our Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR) program. (Post)

Hunger & Climate: The highly-anticipated film “Hunger Games” opened. As it turns out, people are reporting a climate change connection! (Slate story and Grist story)

Twitterverse News: We got a new, shorter one for the Twitterverse! Now we’re simply @globalgreen (no more “usa” at the end — a shorter name means more space for our tweets!).

Headline of the Week: “Eerily Gorgeous Weather Finally Convinces People That Global Warming is a Thing” (Jezebel)

Green Growth: CoRR Conference in New Orleans

March 2nd, 2012

bl_recycling_conf_nolaOur New York Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR) team is in New Orleans today for our “Green Growth & Resource Recovery: The New Orleans Opportunity.” (We’re live tweeting!) Details and agenda for the conference here.

What He Said: Jerry Brown on Green Jobs

January 18th, 2012

“In the beginning of the computer industry, jobs were numbered in the thousands. Now they are in the millions. The same thing will happen with green jobs. And California is positioned perfectly to reap the economic benefits that will inevitably flow.” — California Governor Jerry Brown in his state of the state speech

The Great Case for Coastal Restoration

September 15th, 2011

gulf_boatAs Global Green USA works with dedicated residents of the Gulf Coast to create a clean and green energy economy for the future, this new report from Restore America’s Estuaries helps underscore the fact that coastal restoration isn’t just about protecting our nation’s energy infrastructure, international shipping, and commercial fisheries — it’s also about creating an astounding number of jobs and new businesses.  And these jobs can never be exported. Thirty new jobs can be created for every million dollars invested in restoring our coast — that’s more than twice as many jobs as both the oil and gas and road construction industries combined. But it’s not just a jobs engine — it’s a critical public safety issue. With more than half of Americans living within 50 miles of a coast, we need this workforce to get to work protecting our cities and communities along the coast from flooding, hurricanes, and sea level rise. As our nation struggles to find its economic footing and return to prosperity, coastal restoration is a smart investment for our country now.

How can you help?  Contact your elected officials and tell them that you expect them to vote for coastal restoration jobs, including the Restore Act that the entire Gulf Coast delegation — Democrats and Republicans — is sponsoring this month to direct the fines paid by BP Oil for the oil disaster to coastal restoration projects.

Labor Day Wish: More Green Jobs, Please

September 6th, 2011

holy_cross_hard_hatsDuring his speech in Detroit on Labor Day, President Obama spoke about the recession and the tough economic times, especially for the unemployed masses. We will hear more from the President on Thursday, when he addresses Congress and the nation about his plan to grow the economy and promise to “put more Americans back to work right now.” We hope he is listening to Vice President Joe Biden, who spoke last week at an energy summit in Nevada, telling attendees that “there’s absolutely no reason why the United States can’t lead the world in clean energy.” To ensure a healthy future and curb our independence on costly and dirty fossil fuels, we know we need to invest in clean energy — and growing the green economy is the right thing to do in helping our struggling nation bounce back.

More green economy food for thought:

A Brookings Institute study released in July report shows the clean energy sector employs approximately 2.7 million workers — and is growing.

Grist recently posted an infographic showing how many jobs solar would create.

EPA Hoorah: Green Jobs Grant for New Orleans

September 1st, 2011

bl_nola_lives_illustrationDuring a press conference in New Orleans yesterday, EPA Region Administrator Al Armendariz announced nearly $500,000 in grants awarded to NOLA organizations, including Global Green USA. Others receiving EPA grants for environmental justice, job training, and education grants: Louisiana Green Corps, Lower Ninth Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development, Vietnamese American Young Leaders Association, and the Louisiana Bucket Brigade.

We will be using the $100,000 grant for a Green Jobs Pilot Program to provide job training for local youths and job placement with small construction contractors. Our new NOLA Wise program for energy efficiency retrofits with provide contractors and apprentices with a steady stream of employment — to help the further greening of NOLA while boosting the local economy.

A podcast of the press event is on the EPA site.

What He Said: Clinton on the Environment and Economy

August 19th, 2011

“I have never believed we had to choose between either a clean and safe environment or a growing economy. Protecting the health and safety of all Americans doesn’t have to come at the expense of our economy’s bottom line. And creating thriving companies and new jobs doesn’t have to come at the expense of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, or the natural landscape in which we live. We can, and indeed must, have both.” – Bill Clinton

The quote above isn’t new, but it’s Clinton’s birthday and it’s a statement worth repeating.

That’s a Fact: Good Green Jobs News

July 14th, 2011

The clean economy has 2.7 million jobs and employs more workers than the fossil fuels industry. (Source: Brookings Institution)

Yes, it’s been a good week for news on the green job market, with numerous press outlets (from USA Today and Good magazine) picking up the news of the Brookings Institution report on the strength of the growing clean economy.